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Case Studies

Baby Steps for a brand new Entrepreneur - iTopAct

Business age: 0 years  |  Ad spend: ₹ 50,000

Sandeep Singh is passionate about helping professionals find a formula for continuous growth in their careers because years ago he was stuck in his career too. Throughout his career, he helped several dozen colleagues & peers grow using his own techniques.


For us, iTopAct’s (Sandeep’s company) marketing was unique in the sense that this was an absolutely new business. Any marketer worth his salt will tell you that this is a challenge for three reasons:

  • The brand has no footprint, so there is zero credibility or trust
  • There was no defined delivery mechanism for the coaching
  • No niche was kept in mind while building the course

Therefore, the market research had to be two-fold:

1- Secondary data

2- Data from the coaching curriculum


The good thing is we had the advantage of crafting their message from scratch, and making the strongest offer without any resistance that comes with an experienced business.

The question of credibility & trust was eliminated through strong scripts, a great offer, and free value-ridden consultations.


We even take care of sales for Sandeep.


Their CTRs range between 4 & 6%. And their sales conversions are currently at 35%.

Patience & value delivers for a passionate coder - PrepForTech

Business age: 1.5 years  |  Ad spend: ₹ 10,00,000

Pratik is perhaps the most passionate coder that we have worked with. No wonder, he was already prepared to invest & scale when we started working with him.

The only challenges that we faced as PrepForTech’s marketing partner were:

  • Vague messaging
  • Undefined value proposition in the funnel

Our work on this has helped Pratik open up two new courses. This is the next critical move in scaling his business.

Their CTRs range between 4 & 6%. And their sales conversions are currently at 32%.

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A note from the founder

Pennovate is a marketing agency built from the ground up for coaching and consulting businesses. All three of us gave up lucrative careers to pursue this with one vision- to create a consortium of businesses built on a sound digital infrastructure capable of generating revenue consistently and predictably. It is this vision that drives us to go the extra mile for our partners & clients. Every single sale for them and every little milestone is a result of this drive combined with their passion for their service. Our only hope is that all three of us founders at Pennovate continue doing what we individually love and are good at Marketing, copywriting, and sales.

Director of Marketing


Pennovate is a direct-response marketing company that helps coaches and consultants hit 8-figure revenue under a year

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